Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Desert structures for upcoming French Foreign Legion

As I wait for the French Foreign Legion figures I ordered to arrive from England, I figured I would make a few buildings and possibly a fort for some desert scenery.

My first attempt was a small basic mud hut building. It is not that great but maybe it will be OK since it is supposed to be a crude little desert dwelling.

I am not overjoyed with the final results. I really struggled with using foam core as my basic material. It is hard to cut cleanly which made the windows wonky and the edges were hard to cover up.

I learned a lot from making the first building and decided to use fake windows and add accents of bricks showing through broken stucco. This one looks a lot better.

Next I built a small mosque with a dome and a removable roof. I think this next attempt is better. I'm getting better at working with the materials.

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