Thursday, May 28, 2015

Marine Taxi for Back of Beyond invasion!

I think US Marines really like their counterparts in the US Navy. In the movie "A few good men" Marine Lt. Jonathan Kendrick, played by Kevin Bacon, says "I like all you Navy boys. Every time we've gotta go someplace to fight, you fellas always give us a ride."

So I was thinking that my Marines might need a way to get them all and all their gear into battle quickly . . . Landing Craft!

I did a little research and found out the US didn’t have any Landing Craft until 1939. However, the British had been experimenting with Landing Crafts since WW1 and had developed a flat bottom, square front and back landing craft as early as 1920. I couldn’t find any good pictures of these vessels, so I just imagined what it might look like and came up with this design:

To create the vessel shown above, I found the plastic model shown below and customized it.
I went to TAP Plastics and bought some parts that enabled me to built a pilot house and smokestack for it. I also cut out the wall and engine compartment near the back to enable it to carry more troops and vehicles.

I can’t wait to surprise my wargaming buddies Steve and Chris ( with these. Don’t tell them but I built THREE landing craft to enable me to land all my Sailors and Marines as quickly as possible!
Semper Fi!

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